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Gym to Crag

Get ready for the Missouri and Arkansas Spring climbing season by freshening up on your outdoor rope skills under the watchful eye of AMGA Single Pitch Instructors Carol Fittell and Jon Feder. If you can't make a class on the schedule (or there are no classes on the schedule) small group classes can be arranged for a $10 up-charge. Private classes are also available.

Spring-specific programming will be held in April.

Anchor Cleaning Clinic $50 per classNo purchase required to enroll

Cleaning an anchor is how a climber retrieves their equipment from the wall after an outdoor lead climb or top rope.
This class will teach either how to clean an anchor and be lowered, or rappel.

Gym-to-Crag: Anchor Rigging $50 per classNo purchase required to enroll

Learn how to evaluate an anchor, and practice various anchor rigging techniques to add to your arsenal.

Offered as part of the Spring Gym-to-Crag series on Tuesday, April 24th OR Thursday, April 26th

Gym-to-Crag: Lead Falls & Soft Catches $50 per classNo purchase required to enroll

Build confidence and skill by progressively increasing your lead falls while your partner hones their belaying to a confident catch. This class is 90 minutes long. Please sign up with a partner.

Contact Carol or Jon to arrange a time.