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Anchor Cleaning Clinic

$50 per classNo purchase required to enroll
What is Anchor Cleaning?
Cleaning an anchor is how a climber retrieves their equipment from the wall after an outdoor lead climb or top rope.
This class will teach either how to clean an anchor and be lowered, or rappel.

Who is this class for?
New-to-lead climbers. Especially if you've taken our lead climbing course, this is for you!
Rusty anchor cleaners. If you already know how to clean an anchor, but it's been a while, or you'd simply like a little supervised practice, this class is for you!
Top rope climbers who are headed outdoors with lead climber friends. Knowing how to clean anchors will make you a valuable asset to your lead climbing friends who are "rope gunning" for you. Simply knowing how to top rope is enough!

Climbers are recommended to supply their own equipment for this class (personal anchors and up to 4 locking carabiners) but extras will be provided as well.

Top rope belay certified at RoKC.
Must be at least 14 years old. Under 18 must have permission from a parent.