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Summer Climbing League

Please read the following rules and regulations. They'll help you know how to build and register your team, choose which category to compete in, and keep your scoring accurate.

To register, please complete the following form and pay $20 League Fee at the front desk or by calling 816-843-7652.


The Basics

  • Teams of 2-3 competitors

  • Those without a teammate will be placed in teams of 2 or 3

  • $20 participation fee per person

  • Registration open June 1 - June 22

  • Register to compete in tall climbing or bouldering. *Note: some bonus challenges will take place in the opposite discipline*

  • Begins week of June 16

  • Ends week of August 11

  • No League events week of June 30 - July 6

  • Top teams will be invited to final event:Setting Showdown on August 22

  • Must have membership or day pass to participate

  • Teams must complete challenges together in order for weekly score to count

Scoring and Scorecards

  • The scoring system is a sliding scale, ensuring climbers of all abilities have equal opportunity in weekly challenges

  • Scorecards will be customized based on each competitor’s rough flash grade

  • We reserve the right to bump you up to a higher rough flash grade if your scores suggest it

  • Scorecards can be picked up any time during the week starting at 10am on Sunday

  • At least two team members must be present to pick up scorecards

  • Final scorecards must be initialed by at least two team members

  • Scorecards may be turned in at any time during the week, ending at 10pm on Saturday

  • Separate scorecards will be given out for the bonus challenges

Weekly Challenges

  • Each week, teams will record their top ten climbs

  • Maximum 5 climbs/climber for teams of two.Maximum 4 climbs/climber for teams of three.

  • Flash Grade will be worth 300 points. Easier climbs will be worth less, more difficult climbs will be worth more.

  • Tall climbing only: climbers earn an additional 10 points for each lead climb completed

  • Only climbs completed with teammates can count toward the final score

  • The climb must be sent (climbed from start to finish without falling) in order to count

  • Weekly rankings will be posted on the 2019 RoKC Summer Climbing League Facebook group

Bonus Challenges and Setting Showdown

  • Teams can complete bonus challenges to earn more points

  • Bonus challenges must be completed as a team and in the facility

  • Bonuses 1, 3, 5, and 7 will be Thursday night Mini Comps (free)

  • Mini comp scores may be made up on Friday

  • Other bonus challenges will be announced in the 2019 RoKC Summer Climbing League Facebook Group and posted at the front desk

  • Make-Up Week: August 11-17. Teams may make up a missed weekly & bonus challenge or re-do a weekly & bonus challenge to replace lowest score

  • August 22: Top Teams will be invited to set during the Summer League Setting Showdown

Registration Form: